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Client Recommendation

Sandrah Vittands and S & B Systems have been valuable partners to Granger Construction Company.  Sandrah combines in-the-trenches construction industry expertise with a deep knowledge of information systems to help us achieve our business goals.  "Sandrah’s experience with Viewpoint allows us to strategize jointly about how to optimize our use of the software, as well as assess the impact of change as we make decisions". 

-Chris Duprey, CPA, CCIFP / Director of Finance from Granger Construction Company in Lansing, Michigan

Client Testimonials

  1. "S & B Systems is experienced with union and non-union payroll in Viewpoint as well as "Local 3 Reporting" in NY.  We added a payroll specialist to our team in 2018 with Viewpoint experience that can assist our clients with implementations, training and review setups as well.  We are experienced with data conversions over to Viewpoint tied to acquisitions".  
  2. Project Resource for Implementation Recommendation... " I highly recommend Sandrah Farwell who used to work for Viewpoint and helped us several times implementing and/or improving our processes in Vista. She is nearby outside of Houston as well. I am from NOLA and visit often. Let me know how your implementation is going. I might even stop by on one of my trips. See Sandrah's info/contact below..." -Paul West from Middlesex Corporation

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Client Testimonial


An unsolicited email from a satisfied client  

(a Multi-State Prime Contractor headquartered in NY)


Thanks for a very productive 2 days.  It is encouraging to see the architecture you proposed coming together.  Myself, Henry and Matt look forward to developing this system with your help, to its full potential.

Thanks Dave"